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Award winning luxury cinematic wedding videography

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Kyle Boulay

Backstory Wedding Films is owned and primarily operated by award-winning filmmaker Kyle Boulay. Established in 2018, the idea for Backstory was born from Kyle’s passion for film and a desire to channel his creativity into immortalizing one of life’s most special moments. Backstory Wedding Films doesn’t just document your wedding- we are committed to telling your love story through artful expression with an emphasis on cinematography and a focus on the finest details of your big day. 

The mission of Backstory Wedding Films is to allow you to relive the best day of your life through cinematic storytelling. We believe that telling your love story through the eyes of a filmmaker is what makes the difference between a cinematic wedding film and a simple wedding video. Love is the most important thing to our clients, and through our lens we capture not only the magical moments of your wedding day, but the unique story that led you to those magical moments. 



As a full time firefighter for the past ten years, I’ve seen my share of human struggle. I help people on some of their worst days, and yet from a young age I have been ceaselessly positive in my outlook on life, always choosing to focus on the good in order to balance the bad. I started this business primarily because I love weddings, and I love love. I wanted to find a way to combine my creative passion for film and cinema with my enthusiasm for celebration- and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good wedding?

Over the past five years I have worked tirelessly to develop my skills as a filmmaker in order to bring the highest caliber of work to my clients. I have also evolved greatly as a person, which has granted me a greater perspective on the deepest meaning of love and commitment. In 2021 I married my wife, ironically in a very small and minimal ceremony, and became a stepfather to two amazing boys, as well as a father to my daughter. Becoming a family man has strengthened my passion for what I want Backstory Wedding Films to bring to my clients- a permanent time capsule of one of life’s greatest gifts- love. 

Julian Jorge
Kyle Boulay and Julian Jorge


As Kyle's younger brother, I'm no stranger to being his assistant in all things. Some of my passions are sushi, punk music, anime, and more sushi, but my biggest dream is to become a film editor- and what better way to learn than from my talented and ambitious older brother! As a recent high school graduate, I'm not your average teenager- I don't clock out until everything is done, and I strive to uphold Backstory Wedding Films' standards of the highest quality product. You can often catch me in the background as Kyle's second shooter ensuring that all of your finest details are captured beautifully. 

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